Process / Creation

Sometimes I´m invited to develop solutions for Visual design and Iconography for digital products. 

This kind of project allows me to collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather a lot of technical information and branding requirements to fulfill all those needs in the most simplistic and functional way. That is exciting and challenging. 

Next, I'm going to share (with some real examples) what I keep in mind every time I work in this field.

The challenge of balancing

brand personality and functionality.

Understanding deeply the voice of the Brand and the needs of the product is my main goal to get a better result.

Communicating the right visuals on the right spot.

Giving context

Sharing expectations, like a prologue.

Letting know how it works

Sharing information and goals.


Sharing rewards and emphaty.

Action, Action, Action.

Sharing immediate functions.


Sharing personality.

Client: Various

Sector: Finance, Insurance, and Software
Role: Illustrator and Designer

Let´s talk:  info@maru.pt

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