Illustration / Art Direction

Designit Tokyo asked me to find a solution to illustrate their office wall, they wanted to keep the Designit voice but at the same time sharing the unique details of Tokyo and Japan.

Before start.

Understanding Designit culture.

Meeting the employees of Designit Tokyo.

Going deep in the details of Japanese culture, including the "cliches".

Besides that I kept I mind the space, the platform where this will be done.

Understanding the variety of functions of that workspace. Who goes there?  

What they do there?

What kind of impact needs to make this a better place?

And in the end, connect all the dots and create a memorable experience for everyone.

Time to connect all the dots.

Designit work process. The beauty of the 4 seasons in Japan. The inspiration in the Japanese patterns, manga, and Heian period. Dragonball. Daruma. The popular places everyone knows and local spots the Designit employees love... and more, all connect in an organic way, like Tokyo.

Client: Designit

Sector: Design
Role: Illustrator and Designer

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