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Jelly Jamm is a popular Animation TV series show aimed at kids 4 to 9 years old. Their representation in Japan asked me to be part of one marketing action to attract a specific target to promote this property for new markets. 

Adapting for the new purpose.

The main platform for this marketing action was the Line chat app, specifically the creation of "Line stickers". Following the purpose of this action, research and user interviews were done, and then Rita was the chosen character, having the characters guidelines in mind and the results of the research, some changes was done to make it more pleasant to this specific target.

The release.

After "Rita Line stickers" were launched in the platform some promotion was done including the distribution of the "real stickers" to promote the Line Stickers in the main events of this Animation TV show.

Client: Aqui Media

Sector: Entertainment
Role: Illustrator 

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